66% of customers want businesses to “know my history when I call”

At Wyred we help your company to strategize, set up, keep and optimize those ongoing and personalized dialogues with your customers at scale, as well as to measure the results and ROI of your strategies


Reach your customers wherever they are
at the best exact moment

app mobile, web, ivr, social media, mailing, call center, sms, sales point

We help personalizing every channel of communication between your company and your customers taking into account business goals and customer profile, creating unique experiences.
We integrate all your channels in one platform so that you can send out powerful messages consistent through every channel.

Our platform measures the success of each interaction with your customers, and helps you make the most of them, maximizing their profitability and satisfaction. Knowing the needs of every customer allows you giving them the best personalized experience.

Software as a Service Decision Support System allocated in the Cloud

Our software supports management, planning and operations to make real- time decisions. More specifically, we help to make a customer segmentation by profile characteristics and past interactions in order to easily differentiate them and so communicate with them in a personalized way through every different channel: app, email, web, sms, social media and even IVR.