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Our solutions


What are your main goals?

From lead generation to churn reduction, there are many aims you can achieve, such as retention, cross-selling/up-selling, increasing revenues, reducing costs or improving customer care activities among an endless list.

Choose those needed in order to get the most out from your business and lets build together the best strategy.

Let’s start the perfect strategy… 

Reach those leads who are interested in your Brand and products and make them feel their needs can be fulfilled with your offers.

Help your customers in real time to offer them the best promotions and products. Reward your customers for their loyalty and give them reasons to stay with you. Employ our segmentation rules to offer them the most personalized experience every time you communicate with them, indentify those customers with risk of churn and execute the right actions to reduce that risk.

Send an email with more information to those leads that have been in contact with your agents via Call Center.

Find out what products are more likely to be sold together or in a promotional pack and make a personalized offer to your customers.

Anticipate your customer needs and exceed their expectations. Keep them informed. Share instant updates.

Personalize the communication with your customers and make them know they are important to your Brand, make them feel you know them and give them what they want even before they ask for it.


Wyred offers the best omnichannel solution in order to develop all these strategies.

Allow your clients to directly contact you with inbound actions through the web, app, call center… you decide. But you can also directly reach them with outbound actions.

Send emails and personalized newsletters with all new promotions and information about new products or services, SMS or Push Notifications to warn of an emergency.

Personalize the menu in their user area so they can see what they want and not a default content, personalize the app and the web, not just the appearance but also pop-up and banners with offers they might find interesting.

Collect and reorganise all the available information in a way your Customer Care and Marketing professionals can quickly see and understand so they can deliver the best treatment.

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